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Develop strategies to mitigate risk and prepare for the unexpected

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Safety & Loss Control Resources

Focusing on identification and mitigation, preparation and response, our program offers complete risk coverage.

Identification and Mitigation

Identifying exposures associated with your operation, Gallagher provides resources necessary to mitigate those specific risks.


Since we know unforeseen events will occur, it’s imperative to be prepared prior to an event or loss. As part of our program we provide you access to business continuity planning tools that can assist you in preparing for any event.


The response after an event can be a crucial factor in determining the significance of the loss associated with the event. As part of our program, you receive the toolkits you need in order to respond to an incident and navigate the claims process easily. When additional assistance is needed, a dedicated claims advocate is on call to assist you.

Helpful Links

In an effort to assist you in mitigating losses, Gallagher has compiled a comprehensive set of loss control and safety resources specific to your operation.

Disaster & Continuity Planning Resources

Preparing for the unexpected is a necessary aspect of any business endeavor, but that is easier said than done. Gallagher's partnership with Agility Recovery provides franchisees and their employees the tools they need to plan for interruptions and come back stronger than before. Contact us today to enroll.

Agility Recovery »

Business continuity planning tools and resources catered to serve franchisees' individual industries and help them prepare for -- and emerge successfully from -- disaster events.

  • Communications:Satellite and 4G LTE connectivity to ensure your organization stays in communication
  • Office Space:Mobile offices, available retail space and move-in ready space
  • Power:Power generators stationed nationwide, including fuel vendors and service technicians
  • Technology:Computers, telephones and other tools available for quick delivery
  • Data:Cloud backups to eradicate downtime and data loss

My Agility »

My Agility is a secure 24/7 recovery planning platform to aid franchisees and employees through disaster and emergency situations.

  • Personal Preparedness Plans
  • Alert Notification Systems
  • Reminder Services
  • Weather Forecasts/Alerts

Read more about My Agility here.

For more information visit Agility Recovery.

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